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A virtual co-creation program: Your 8 weeks (4-8 hours/week & 3 virtual day courses) will result in ready-to-use tools for scaling up your strategy, organisation, team and sales. Meet unique testbeds, large corporations, public sector and authorities in Sweden’s vibrant energy sector.

The NRGY HUB Scaleup Program – Apply by September 5, 2021


 Virtual co-creation sessions

We believe in co-creation as a main factor for successful growth. Along your journey you get input from co-creators but also learn as a co-creator where you get vital insight in others' challenges and journeys. Let's interact!


On your own but as a part of the co-creating team you evolve with literature, online courses and webinars.

How to get into the program?

Send in your application to the review board to start the process.

Meet the Alumnis

  • Renbloc

    Renbloc matches real-time energy consumption with production creating a new way to control your energy profile, optimize renewable energy consumption and significantly lower your CO2 emissions.  Visit Website

  • RoboEatz

    RoboEatz was designed by restaurateurs and aerospace engineers for the food service industry. The global team is comprised of mechanical and automation engineers, CAD specialists, chefs and food technologists with
    decades of experience running restaurants. Led by entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who have operational and financial expertise scaling
    multiple businesses globally.
    Visit Website

  • Energiduschen

    In addition to his doctoral studies, Henrik Hagman has together with the local designer Gustav Svenson developed the "Energy Shower". The principle is simple. The water you showered in passes a heat exchanger under the cabin drain that heats the incoming cold water.

  • Greenenergy4me

    Our team is building a mobile app platform which will be an interconnection-market point among green energy Producers/Suppliers and the end Consumers. The electricity Consumers will be able to choose the energy Supplier as per EU directives which are compulsory in the deregulated market and are valid or under implementation in the whole EU. The platform will be connected to the state-owned Energy HUB systems, which are collecting data from all the household's smart meters. The energy consumption data per hour of every consumer, as well as the consumer data, will be available to the greenenergy4me platform from Energy HUB. greenenergy4me mobile app will show to every consumer his own consumption historical data. 

  • Attractive Interactive

    Attractive Interactive is a video game development group, started in 2017 by some Master students studying Game Development at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

    They are hoping to break into the video game industry with their first game - Paper Game. Their passion for games and their lust for knowledge makes this team something to look out for! 

  • Rider's Position

    We are developing Rider´s Position Coach – a digital real time solution for the equestrian rider. It will give you feedback on your position in the saddle and help you to further improve your seat.  The only thing you need is our app, your smartphone and a pair of earphones. Visit Website

  • Greenlytics

    We’re an eclectic mix of energy, meteorology and data science enthusiasts that are turning their interests into products that help transform an industry in pursuit of a better tomorrow. Visit Website

  • Elonroad

    Elonroad is a hightech electric road concept. It auto charges all types of electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving. Electric roads extend driving range and reduce the need of large and heavy batteries. Visit Website

  • Energy Machines Sweden

    We help real estate owners reduce fossil fuel consumption by offering a fossil free energy solution that reduces energy costs and enhances property value. Our integrated system solution will cool, ventilate and supply hot water to your property with minimal environmental impact.Together we can build a more sustainable future. Visit Website

  • Eneryield

    Eneryield is a startup providing intelligent energy analytics based on machine learning.. Visit Website

  • Gyghub

    Sustainability within organizations isn’t easy – but it could be. And it should be. The cold hard truth is that it’s quite a challenge to spread the word about your great projects and to spark people’s interest in them. Perhaps you do all these good-hearted things, but not even your own employees are aware of it. Or maybe you spend a fortune on compliance reports, yet it’s seen only by a handful of your audience.  To put it simply, gyghub is a collaborative platform where organisations and charities can set up sustainability projects and involve their employees and partners in an easy. Visit Website

  • Easy To Trust

    ETT Easy To Trust was founded by Mari Hellblom, with long experience from business controlling in global large enterprises and has been an entrepreneur since 2003. The ambition with creating the platform Easy to Trust was to create a cost-effective tool of quality assured business performance by digitalize integrated internal control. Easy enough for the everyday user, reliable for management to monitor risk performance and trustworthy for auditors to assess compliance. The Swedish company SSAB has been a test customer for worldwide use with the original need for efficient internal control.  Visit Website

  • Ligna Energy

    Ligna Energy was founded in 2017, as a result of a decade of research at Linköping University. The team is dedicated to innovative materials for organic materials and development of solutions utilizing materials from nature. The team has also had a strong interaction with applications in the printed electronics area through the collaboration with RISE and the printed electronics arena in Norrköping. Visit Website

  • FlexeGRAPH

    FlexeGRAPH has developed nanofluids with graphene as the active ingredient.

    FlexeGRAPH nano-fluids feature suspended graphene particles that conduct heat 10,000X better than water. This provides a significant improvement in thermal conductivity over standard liquid coolants and has applications across many industries. Visit Website

  • Robotic Lawn Care Systems

    New robotic lawncare system for multiple areas. Quiet, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The system provides a fossil fuel-free lawn mower and for clients this is another step to a green environmental profile. Visit Website

  • Eskilstuna Biogas

    A company formed to build and operate a biogas plant for the digestion of manure, pile, food waste and other organic residues. The purpose of a biogas plant is to produce biogas for the operation of vehicles, and to form a node for the production of fertilizers. Estimated production is 4 - 6 million Nm3 of vehicle gas per year. Visit Website

  • Freelway

    Enabler of sustainable transportation for organisations and people by using already available transport resources for goods and people. Providing hands on tools and services to promote collaboration and sharing of resources and create new business modells in an fast transforming world. Resulting in less environmental impact, more transport opportunities and new value propositions, to customers, and new revenue streams.  Visit Website

  • Graphmatech

    Graphmatech is a Swedish materials technology startup company that invents, develops and sells novel Graphene-based nanocomposites materials and services. We are on a mission to deliver truly world-changing graphene hybrid materials that have the potential to make the world a better place. Visit Website


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